Disposal Bin Sizes

Every job is different. Whether you’re cleaning out a house or demolishing a concrete building, you need a disposal bin that is the right size for the job. We offer many sizes, including industrial capacity along with narrow or compact bins for smaller jobs or for tight, narrow spaces where standard bins simply won’t fit.Below are the bin sizes we offer. See our rates here. Contact us here or at 604-269-BINS (2467)

Bin Size Length Width Height
15 cubic yards 14′ 8′ 4′
20 cubic yards 14′ 8′ 5′
30 cubic yards 16′ 8′ 6.5′
35 cubic yards 16′ 8′ 7.5′
15 cubic yards – Narrow/Compact 13′ 6.5′ 5′
20 cubic yards – Narrow/Compact 15′ 6.5′ 5′

What Our Bins Can Carry

We do not accept any materials prohibited by the City of Vancouver Transfer Stations. For a full list of materials, click here.

The environment is very important to us and we take our responsibility seriously. We ask you to be equally responsible. Some materials from job sites are not safe for standard disposal or dumping.

Acceptable Recyclable Materials for Our Bins

  • corrugated cardboard
  • gypsum drywall
  • metal
  • glass containers

Note: Any loads meant for recycling that contain paper or cardboard MUST be 100% paper or cardboard in order to be considered recyclable.

Prohibited Wastes

  • Asbestos and material containing asbestos.
  • Mixed loads >5% cardboard/paper (must be 100% cardboard or paper).
  • Chemicals or hazardous materials, as determined by the BC Environmental Management Act.
  • Paints and solvents.
  • Explosive and/or flammable materials/liquids. (Clean paint cans are OK but must be separate.)
  • Ballast with PCB (fluorescent lights).
  • Computers, TV, appliances and other recyclable electronics.
  • Creosote treated wood, pressure treated wood (CCA, PCP), and lead painted wood.
  • Loads containing >30% styrofoam, insulation, sander dust, or glass.
  • Straight loads of plastic, tarps, ropes, elastic banding, wire cable, or carpet.
  • Propane tanks, barrels, drums, pails, and other large liquid containers (full or empty)
  • Lead acid batteries.
  • Dead animals and parts (bones, feathers, skin, hair, nails, teeth, etc.), processed meat excluded.
  • *** Putting Gyproc, mattresses, food waste and/or tires into our disposal bins will attract a service charge.
  • Netting.

604-269-BINS (2467)
Fax: 604 263 1501